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"The bankruptcy of the state schools is a very obvious one; it is an educational and moral bankruptcy. The bankruptcy of the churches is rapidly approaching a similar level. The churches, where not marked by modernism and unbelief, are antinomian and flagrantly immoral. Their teaching has become pablum, and both Catholics and Protestants know little what their church professes....." (Read More)

- R. J. Rushdoony (Founder of the Chalcedon Foundation, Theologian, and considered by many to be the father of the homeschool movement.)

"Many Christian schools were started by outstanding teachers or by those whose world view caused them to understand the importance of a distinctly Christian education. Unfortunately, many of these schools failed because they were operated as missions without a business model that would allow their sustainability. They were often successful in the classroom, but failed as viable institutions...." (Read More)

- Mark Rushdoony (President of the Chalcedon Foundation)

"I know of no more critically important, well run, or effective ministry than the Grace Community Schools. At a time when Christians have generally defaulted in their responsibility to provide children with a Christian education....." (Read More)

- Bruce Shortt (Author of The Harsh Truth About Public Schools)

"I mentor women, many of whom express their frustration that the course of study they pursued in college did not prepare them to raise and educate their children.  What if young women, prior to marriage, received authentic, hands-on training in a program that would give them the opportunity to learn and refine the skills necessary to teach?  GCS’s 3 year apprenticeship program based in Florida is one such program......" (Read More)

- Andrea Schwartz (Educator & Author)

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