The GCS Apprenticeship Program is seeking out men and women who want to make a difference in their communities and in the lives of others. Apprentices acquire the credentials, tools, skills, and knowledge needed to reform and reconstruct society from the bottom up via uncompromisingly Christian education.

Grace Community School is a missions operation unlike any other. Our apprentices learn to operate sustainable, self-supporting Christian schools ministering to those in our society who need it most: young children, many of whom are spiritual orphans. We are devoted to bringing the Gospel to the underprivileged and needy in our community.

Apprentices learn to operate successful Christian schools via fun and interactive on-the-job training under proven senior school operators. If you want to experience the joys of worthwhile work advancing God’s Kingdom and learning practical skills while enriching the lives of children, the Grace Community School Apprenticeship might be for you!

Why is Early Christian Education Important?

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Monthly Book Give-a-Way! – April 2018

Noble Savages

Author: R.J. Rushdoony

This $57 billion dollar industry is swallowing peoples worldwide as its revenues exceed that of professional football, baseball, and basketball combined. Statistics reveal that upwards of 40 million American adults regularly visit over 372 million published pornographic web pages. How did we get here?

In the “free love” decade of the 1960s, the New Left refashioned pornography into a new image – the symbol of moral freedom. What was once sold “under the counter” as filth was now celebrated as the literary symbol of liberation from God and His law-word. This refashioning was nothing new. It was but an echo of the liberation theology of the Marquis de Sade,  the 19th century pervert de France (1740-1814).

In 1974, R. J. Rushdoony, wrote, “[T]his new pornography, first conceived by Sade – will not be eliminated by moral indignation or by legislation.” Rushdoony recognized that the roots of pornography in modern culture are essentially religious and must be combated religiously.

In this powerful book Noble Savages (formerly The Politics of Pornography) Rushdoony demonstrates that in order for modern man to justify his perversion he must reject the Biblical doctrine of the fall of man. If there is no fall, the Marquis de Sade argued, then all that man does is normative. Rushdoony concluded, “[T]he world will soon catch up with Sade, unless it abandons its humanistic foundations.”

In his conclusion Rushdoony wrote, “Symptoms are important and sometimes very serious, but it is very wrong and dangerous to treat symptoms rather than the underlying disease. Pornography is a symptom; it is not the problem.” What is the problem? It’s the philosophy behind pornography – the rejection of the fall of man that makes normative all that man does. Learn it all in this timeless classic.

Originally title Politics of Pornography

Apprenticeship or Employment?

Employment or Apprenticeship? This is an important question to ask yourself. How you answer this question will determine how you are planning to spend your future.

Employment is being employed by another and taking on a job or vocation that allows you to use the skills and abilities you may already possess in exchange for wages. Employment carries with it no future guarantees, but simply a momentary mutually beneficial relationship between employee and employer. While simple employment is a worthy endeavor, its vision is short term, and its rewards are limited.

Apprenticeship however, is being trained by someone who is proficient and successful within the realm of their profession. Apprenticeship is akin to employment in the fact that the apprentice is compensated for their work in the form of wages. Any inability of the apprentice is not met with replacement, but with further training as to overcome inability with proficiency through rigorous instruction. The apprentice understands that commitment and diligence are needed in order to become proficient and capable. The apprentice is not one that is content simply working for another, but instead seeks financial independence through skill. The apprentice seeks a life skill, and is willing to undergo the rigorous training and instruction needed in order to attain proficiency. Apprenticeship is for those that have a vision for the future, whose goals are long term, and whose reward is only limited by their level of proficiency and dedication.

This is the purpose of the Apprenticeship Program offered through Grace Community School. Grace Community School was founded over 25 years ago, it now has grown to include 8 individual locations, covering three counties in SW Florida, with 2,000 + students attending daily. Its success is undeniable. For those likeminded Christians that look at the world around them and seek to make a difference, Grace Community School is the answer. The road is long. Capable men and women are needed in order to bring the whole Word of God to the entire world.

The Apprenticeship Program is a three year program. Those that feel called of the Lord to enter into Christian education will find no other program that is so complete in its theological, academic, and practical training.

Theological Training

Apprentices are trained Theologically in the form of weekly reading assignments, as well as weekly exams testing the apprentices understanding and comprehension of the material being covered. It is vital that we as Christians possess an ever growing knowledge of how to make application of the Word of God to our lives, to Christian Education, and to the world around us. Many of the reading assignments come from one of the most influential and gifted theologians of our time, Dr. Rousas John Rushdoony. His goal was to teach his students the way to apply their Faith to every area of life. Each reading assignment and exam is submitted by Nicene Covenant Church and counted as college credits toward a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education from Patriot Bible University.

Some of the reading assignments that may be covered are these:

The Institutes of Biblical Law vol.1
The Cure of Souls
Systematic Theology vol. 1&2
Romans and Galatians
Chariots of Fire

In addition to this, qualified candidates will be licensed by Nicene Covenant Church to preach. These licensed preachers will then be trained to provide Bible instructions to the children in their school twice a day. At the end of the three year apprenticeship program, those licensed ministers that have shown dedication and faithfulness to the Word of God will be fully ordained into the ministry by Nicene Covenant Church.

Academic Training

Apprentices are given academic training in the form of college courses from Patriot Bible University. Enrollment and tuition is paid for by Grace Community Schools. The Apprenticeship Program of three years gives each apprentice sufficient time to earn a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education. Patriot University compliments the three year program in the form of satellite courses, which allows the apprentices to work at their own pace, while still being able to earn a paycheck. For more information about Patriot Bible University please visit: www.PatriotUniversity.com

Practical Training

Apprentices are trained in the practical day to day skills that they will need in order to operate a successful Christian School. There are many various skills that must be taken step by step so that each apprentice becomes proficient in each skill before moving on to the others. With diligence each apprentice will possess the knowledge and ability required by the end of their three year apprenticeship to run a Christian School with success. All of the practical skills, schedules, and routines used by Grace Community School have been put into printed format in the form of an Operations Manual.

During the three year Apprenticeship Program each apprentice will be given free housing. Single men will only be housed with other single men enrolled in the apprenticeship program, as well as single women will only be housed with other single women also enrolled in the apprenticeship program. In addition to the free housing each apprentice will be compensated for their work in the form of wages earned.

Apprentices will also enjoy additional benefits such as:

* Free tuition for their children.

* Paid Holidays and Vacations

Grace Community Schools Apprenticeship Program is the only full program able to equip young men and women with the skills needed in order to become truly financially independent.

Interviews Regarding the GCS Apprenticehsip Program

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