The GCS Apprenticeship Program is seeking out men and women who want to make a difference in their communities and in the lives of others. Apprentices acquire the credentials, tools, skills, and knowledge needed to reform and reconstruct society from the bottom up via uncompromisingly Christian education.

Grace Community School is a missions operation unlike any other. Our apprentices learn to operate sustainable, self-supporting Christian schools ministering to those in our society who need it most: young children, many of whom are spiritual orphans. We are devoted to bringing the Gospel to the underprivileged and needy in our community.

Apprentices learn to operate successful Christian schools via fun and interactive on-the-job training under proven senior school operators. If you want to experience the joys of worthwhile work advancing God’s Kingdom and learning practical skills while enriching the lives of children, the Grace Community School Apprenticeship might be for you!

What is entailed in the Apprenticeship Program?

Systematic Training Program

Apprentices will progress through a three-level program each level requiring 1 year of experience:

1. Classroom Teaching and Management

2. School Management and Supervision

3. Office Management, Sales, and Customer Service


Apprentices are not unpaid interns, they earn a full salary with many extra benefits and bonuses.

Free Housing

Apprentices enjoy free housing. Single men and women will be given a room of their own in one of our apprentice houses. All single men and women will only be housed with other men and or women, whichever the case may be. (No integrated housing.) Apprentice Families will be enjoy their own home and will not share space with other apprentices.

Hands-On Training

Apprentices start working immediately as a preschool teacher in an established GCS preschool. Classrooms skills, managerial skills, office management, and sales are all learned by doing.

National CDA Degree

Apprentice will complete course work in order to receive a nationally recognized Child Development Associate Credential. Course and application will be free for apprentices.

Seminary Level Courses

Apprentices will have weekly reading assignments, lectures, questions, and tests covering a wide range of Biblical subjects and systematic studies. 

Preschool in a Box

Apprentices that successfully complete apprenticeship will be given the GCS Preschool in a Box system for free.

Our Podcasts!

Practical educational advice from a Christian perspective and in-depth advice concerning being a successful Christian teacher or Christian school manager/owner.


Join us as we discuss the importance of the Reformation of truth, Reproduction and the Family, and how Christians are supposed to Reconstruct society.


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