Book of Jonah (Lesson 3) – Prayer, Mercy, & Salvation

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This is lesson 3 of the systematic Bible study of the Book of Jonah which covers Jonah 2:1-10. Practical advice is given to parents and teachers on how to teach these verses, and important doctrines are pointed out and discussed. The doctrines being covered are: #1 – God can hear man’s prayers no matter where he is. There are no special places that increase our chances of God hearing us. God can see and hear all things, at all times. #2 – Those that refuse to acknowledge God as creator and king, and whom refuse to pray for forgiveness of their sins against Him, forsake mercy that could be theirs. #3 – Salvation is of God, man’s physical and spiritual salvation are both works of God alone. #4 – God is Lord of all things in heaven and on earth. This includes the wind, water, and even the fish of the sea who obey His commands. #5 – God is not a remote observer, He is personally involved, and actively manages and controls the all things in heaven and on earth.

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