I’ve Got Five Questions about your program…

Grace Community School has 9 locations in Southwest Florida and has been in operation for 30+ years. The GCS preschool ministry is a proven success as well as a truly sustainable and unique business model. The GCS apprenticeship program is an intentional effort to seek out and train the next generation of Christian teachers and Christian school owner/operators.

Every year we get questions concerning our ministry model and our apprenticeship program. Here are five common questions that people ask:

1. How old do you have to be to apply for the GCS Apprenticeship Program?

In order to be considered for apprenticeship a person must be at least 18 years of age or older.

2. Who is allowed to apply for apprenticeship?

Anyone who has a desire to learn how to become a successful Christian school teacher or anyone who would like to own and operate a Christian school with success.

3. How long does the apprenticeship program last?

The GCS Apprenticeship program has three different options. Prospective apprentices can decide between one, two, or three year options. The longer an apprentice remains in training the greater their chances of learning all the skills necessary to own and or operate a Christian school successfully. Three years is the optimal length of time for an apprenticeship in Christian education.

4. Who should apply for apprenticeship?

Anyone who desires to learn from EXPERTS in the field of Christian education, anyone who understands the importance of Christian education, anyone that wants to earn a Bachelors and Masters degree in Christian education without going into debt, and anyone that wants to evangelize the next generation for Christ should apply for an apprenticeship.

5. Where can I learn more about your program?

To learn more about the GCS Apprenticeship program you can visit the website: www.gcsapprenticeship.com. On the website you will find books, articles, videos, blog posts, and podcast episodes to help you learn more.