Millionaire Cover Art

How To Become A Millionaire In Christian Education

In this book, Rev. Ellsworth E. McIntyre breaksdown the barrier between evangelism and financial security. He lays out his own personal testimony of hardship and trials, and his ultimate success at reaching financial security for himself and his family.

In this book Rev. McIntyre teaches you what is necessary to build your own school from scratch and become financially independent at the same time. He will also explain how to leave an inheritance to your children’s children while gaining an inheritance that fadeth not away in heaven.

Learn how to rebuild society from the bottom up.

Full Reward Cover Art

Full Reward: Reformation Through Family-Run Christian Schools

Christianity is in crisis. The world is nowhere near where it should be, and seems to be getting worse. As our culture and society free fall further into degeneracy, the question is asked: what are we to do?

Conscientious Christians, knowing that we are called to be salt and light in this earth, are making efforts. What has emerged is an emphasis on politics, apologetics, and evangelism at the adult level. *A Full Reward: Reformation Through Family-Run Christian Schools* is a look at something *different*.

Current efforts at reformation have had mixed results. *A Full Reward* offers a new hope. The book’s thesis is this – reformation will come, but it will come from the bottom-up, via ministry to the youngest members of our society: our preschool children.

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GCS Operations Manual

The first Grace Community School was started by Rev. Ellsworth McIntyre and his family on February 3, 1986. Over 30¬†years later Rev. McIntyre’s preschool business model has proven to be not only profitable, but also sustainable. Grace Community School now has 10 locations in Southwest Florida, serving 1,200+ children and families each day. Rev. McIntyre’s business model has influenced and inspired others to start schools all over the United States and throughout the world.

The Grace Community model enables Christians to achieve financial independence for themselves and their families, while being faithful to the great commission to make disciples of all nations.