How To Become A Millionaire in Christian Education

* How to build your own school from scratch and became financially independent at the same time.

* How to leave an inheritance to your children’s children while gaining an inheritance that fadeth not away in heaven.

* How to oppose entrenched evil in this world without resorting to politics or guns.

* How to rebuild your society from the bottom up so that your children will live in a different world.

* How to do all of the above without personal sacrifice or personal hardship but actually to have all that you touch prosper. These are some of the promises of this book.

All the prayers of the saints encamped along the hills of light are urging you to buy this book and read it today. May God bless you.

Rev. Ellsworth E. McIntyre lives in Florida, where he pastors the Nicene Covenant Church of Naples. Rev. McIntyre has a Ph. D. from Faith Theological of Avon, Indiana, completed all but dissertation for a doctorate in education from the University of Southern California, a Masters of Education from Georgia Southern University that was completed at Johns Hopkins University, and a B. S. in education begun at the University of Pittsburgh and completed at Bob Jones University.

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