Grace Community School’s Operations Manual

This is a DIGITAL File that can be stored on a computer or printed out and placed in a binder.

Practical Advice:

Notions To Throw Overboard
Choosing a Location
How To Get Financing

Teacher’s Manual (3-5 Years):

Phonics Learning Goals/Games
Numbers Learning Goals/Games
Colors & Shapes Learning Goals/Games
Song Time Activity
Reading Circle Procedures
Paper Time Procedures
Story Time Procedures
Excercise Time Procedures
Poems & Finger Plays Procedures
Discussion Time Procedures
Art Projects
Outside Free Play Procedures
Outside Organized Play Procedures
Greetings – Drop-off & Pick Up Times
Classroom Control
Daily Health Checks
Nap Time Procedures
Breakfast, Lunch, & Snack Procedures
Emergency Procedures
Classroom Cleaning
Photo Program
Badges & Rewards
Bathroom Break Procedures
Handwashing Procedures
Diaper Changing Procedures
Soiled Clothing Procedures
Lost and Found Items
Bible Time
Birthday Parties
Badges & Rewards
Potty Training
Pre-K Math Circle Procedures

Special Programs:

Reader Boards
Social Media Networks
Piano Instruction
Dance Instruction
Karate Instruction
Christmas / Graduation Recitals and Programs
School Newspaper
Weekly Photos
School Meal Programs
Reading Circles
Before and After School / Busing

Managerial Duties:

Learning Certificates and Books
Emergency Preparedness Procedures and Documentation
Classroom Lesson Plans and Materials Preparation
Game Activity Materials Creation and Storage
Learning Materials Box
Classroom Supply Box
Supplies and Ordering
Hiring Employees
Complaints and Conflicts
Scheduling and Appointments
Opening and Closing
Printing Photos
School Parties
Report Cards
Master Attendance Record
Staff Appointments & Vacations
Student Dismissal

School Structure:

Classroom Appearance
Classroom Decorations
Flag Policy
Building Design
Insurance Considerations
Incorporation Considerations
License vs. Accreditation
Curriculum Considerations
Bible Lessons
Bible Materials and Visual Aids
State Authorities

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Playgrounds, Play Structures, & Play Equipment
Air Conditioners and Thermostats
Parking Lot
School Signs

Office and Accounting:

Answering the Phone
Arrival of Students
Parent Pick-up
Student Records
Preparation for the Day
Procare Software
Book keeping
Billing Disputes
Annual Statements for Tax Purposes
Late Pick-up Fees
Employee Child Care Credit
Employee Payroll Hours
Book Fees & Supplies

Teacher’s Manual (Infants & Toddlers):

Milk/Food Procedures
Bouncers, Swings, and Highchairs
Outside Walks
Greetings – Drop-off & Pick up
Daily Health Checks
Cribs and Sleeping Procedures
Emergency Procedures
Classroom Cleaning Procedures
Photo Program
Hand Washing Procedures
Diaper Changing Procedures
Soiled Clothing Procedures
Lost and Found Items

Sales, Advertising, & Public Relations:

Guide to a Successful Parent Interview
Guid for Getting Referrals from Current Parents
Visitors and Sales Tips
Phone Sales
Direct Mail Advertising
Phone Book Advertising
Internet Search Engines
Social Media Networks
Manager and Parent Relations
Manager and Employee Relations
Public Relations and Referrals
Concerns and Complaints

Teacher Orientation and Training:

Mission/Philosophy Statement
Reporting Abuse and Neglect
Supervision of Children
Responsibility of Attendance/Absences
Background Screening
Confidentiality with Student/Parent Information
Dress Code
Accident Reporting (Personal, Co-worker, & Student)
Emergency Evacuation Procedures
Completion of Personnel Forms
Licensing/Regulatory Standards
90 Day Provisional Period
No Smoking Policy
Work Hours, Pay PEriod, Overtime, & Direct Deposit
Childcare Benefit
Holiday Pay
Termination of Employment Policy
Performance Evaluations (Formal/Informal)
Tour of Center
Training Hours/Continuing Education
Conflict Resolution
Child Interaction
Classroom Lesson Plans, Schedules, & Curriculum
Environmental Saftey
Child Daily Health Checks
Child Sickness/Disease Reporting and Procedures
Classroom Cleanliness
Primary Caregiver
Family Partnerships
Parent Conferences (Formal/Informal)
Model of Excellence
Accident/Injury Prevention
Staff Cell Phones
Staff Belongings

Rev. Jeremy Walker is the manager of a family-run Christian school in Bonita Springs, Florida, along with his wife, Abby, and ten children. He has lived in Florida his entire life and moved to SWFL Florida to work for Grace Community School in November 1998. He has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Christian Education from Patriot Bible University.  Find out more about the Grace Community School Apprenticeship Program at

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