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What is the GCS Apprenticeship Program?

Rev. Jeremy Walker

Often we get the question, “What is the GCS Apprenticeship Program all about?” We get this question a lot because people all over the country have been talking for years about what Grace Community School has been doing in Southwest Florida, and people want to learn more.

If you are reading this, then the means that you may have also asked yourself this question too.

Well, to start the term GCS is an acronym that is short for Grace Community School…

I’ve Got Five Questions For You…

Rev. Jeremy Walker

Grace Community School has 9 locations in Southwest Florida and has been in operation for 30+ years. The GCS preschool ministry is a proven success, and a truly sustainable and unique business model. The GCS apprenticeship program is an intentional effort to seek out and train the next generation of Christian teachers and Christian school owner/operators.

Every year we get questions concerning our ministry model and our apprenticeship program. Here are five common questions that people ask…