Podcast Transcriptions!

On this page you can find the transcriptions of every podcast episode that has been produced by the GCS Apprenticeship Program. You can read the transcriptions right in your browser, or download and or print any of the podcast episodes you want and read them when you have more time.


The Easy Chair with R.J. Rushdoony

Episode Transcriptions

Easy Chair with R.J. Rushdoony Cover Art

Episode #1
Originally recorded Sep. 4, 1981

Episode #2
Originally Recorded 1981

Episode #3
Originally Recorded October 8, 1981

Episode #4
Inexperienced Leadership, The Dependency of Power, & Lowering Expectations

Episode #5
The Public School Conspiracy and The Wasteful Use of Taxes

Episode #6
The Myth of Social Conditioning, Alcoholism in America, and Employees as Family

Episode #7
Christian Politics, Witchcraft, and the History of Gambling in America

Episode #8
The Renaissance, Power, & the Money Monopoly

Episode #340
Dr. Ellsworth McIntyre & Grace Community Schools

Episode #347
Dr. Ellsworth McIntyre & Grace Community Schools REVISITED

The Easy Chair in Practice

Episode Transcriptions

Easy Chair in Practice Cover Art

Episode #1
The Life and Influence of R.J. Rushdoony and Christian Reconstructionism

Episode #2
Universal Education, Trade, and the People of the Book

Episode #3
The Institutionalized Love of Death

Episode #4
The Blessings of the Law & Agents of Destruction

Episode #5
Child Rearing and the Family Structure

Preschool Pioneers

Episode Transcriptions

Preschool Pioneers Cover Art

Episode #31
Capitalism, Christianity, & Christian Schools

Moral Foundations Podcast

Episode Transcriptions

Moral Foundations Cover Art

General Bible Teaching Tips:

Introduction to Teaching the Bible

Does Jesus Want You To Read the OT?

Book of Jonah Lessons:

Book of Jonah
Overview & Insights

Lesson 1
God’s Orders, a Boat, & a Storm

Lesson 2
Confession, Man Overboard, & the Great Fish

Lesson 3
Prayer, Mercy, & Salvation

Lesson 4
Preaching, Repentance, & Forgiveness

Lesson 5
A Gracious God, an Angry Man, and a Gourd

Lesson 6
A Worm, a Great City, & God’s Pity

Teaching the Ten Commandments Lessons:

Commandment 1
The Creator’s Authority & the Family

Book of First John Lessons:

Coming Soon…