The Preschool in a Box was developed to make starting a Christian Early Childhood Education facility as simple as possible, and if used properly, guarantee the success of the facility.

The Grace Community School Early Childhood Education model is a proven model which produces the results necessary to continue to be in operation more than 30 years. The collective experience and creativity of seasoned and successful educational veterans have been pooled together to create this one of a kind resource for the aspiring Christian educator.

Preschool in a Box is specifically designed to be a one-time purchase resource. The majority of curriculums and resources available to the educator and school are one-time use and must be repurchased year after year. This continues to be a financial strain on the educator and the school, something that the Grace Community School model has sought to eliminate.

Those that purchase Preschool in a Box will find that all of the original PDF files have been included. This ensures that if anything ever becomes lost or destroyed new copies can be reprinted without the need for repurchasing manuals or curriculum content.

The Preschool in a Box is sold in digital format to also save money. If all the content in Preschool in a Box were printed it would comprise thousands of pages and fill many many binders. Selling this content in digital format also allows the purchaser to slowly print the content as needed which allows the costs of a fully comprehensive curriculum to be spread out over an entire year. This is very helpful indeed.

All digital files will be shipped on a USB drive along with a Fully Printed Operations Manual Binder and both physical books included in the materials.

Some of the materials included in the Preschool in a Box can be purchased individually. Below you can click on the links to learn more about the different components of Preschool in a Box, or to purchase them separately.

To purchase Preschool in a Box simply click the buy now link below and submit your order.

Preschool in a Box

$350.00 + Shipping

Never Lose or Repurchase Anything Ever Again!

The Preschool in a Box is designed to be a ONE TIME purchase. The purchaser is given the original digital files so that no future purchase is necessary. Reprint any files as needed or desired! Never lose anything again!

Coloring and Activity Papers used to introduce children to various subjects and help them through discussion and gain mastery of basic educational concepts.

A full preschool curriculum equipped with a full years worth of content, learning materials, games, and activities. Everything a preschool needs to produce a fun and educational program.

A complete and comprehensive training manual able to equip and guide the operation of a successful well run and organized preschool from top to bottom. Nothing has been left out.

Foundational and educational books written with the intent to instruct and motivate others of the importance of Christian education and Christian Early Childhood education.

A complete reading program capable of producing a successful preschool reading program that includes teacher training materials, Classroom Activity Materials, and Testing Books.

Digital audio tracks used for teacher training and student mastery. These audio tracks help to produce a successful reading program starting with the reading basics.

Designed by those with over 30+ years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education.

Designed by those who have gone through the trial and error process for decades so others don’t have to.