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Blaze a trail through Christian early childhood education with Preschool Pioneers. Brought to you by the Grace Community School Apprenticeship Program, the Preschool Pioneers podcast delivers fresh information and practical, biblical advice from a unique perspective on the subject of Christian education.

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Email Marketing

“Silly Christian, the Bible is for Kids!” – Why Preschool?

How To Promote Your Chrisitan School with Student Photos and Videos

Family Business, Personalities, & Purpose

Bible Time

Basics of Social Media Marketing (Part 2)

Education IS Religion: Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something!

Basics of Social Media Marketing

Creating Children of Faith: Dangerous Doctrines That Parents Should Reject!

“What It Takes To Be An Effective Teacher”

Responsible Children Become Responsible Adults

“They Need to Know Your Name!” How to Brand Your Christian School Like a PRO!

“Don’t Run From the World, Change It!” – Event Announcement

Guest Interview with Josh Vaughn – “A Generation of Daniels”

Homeschooling with Purpose: Myths, Lies, and Half Truths

“Image is Everything!” – Why Your School Needs a Logo and a Website Upgrade

“And You Call Yourself A Christian…” The Reality of Managing and Operating a Christian School

“How Does Christian Education Impact the World?” – Interview with Dr. Gary DeMar

“Don’t You Know What Causes That?” – Large Families in a World Without Empathy

Marketing, Advertising, & Branding Your Christian School (Introduction)

Out of Control: 9 Ways To Ensure That You Will FAIL As A Teacher.

Misplaced Priorities: The Modern Youth’s Aversion To Marriage and Parenthood

“It’s All your Fault! The REVOLT Against Accountability.”

The Bias of the Early Childhood Education Monopoly

Full-Time Family Integrated Christian Education

An Apprentice’s Experience and Point of View

Apprenticeship vs. Traditional College