For over 30 years Grace Community School has been the leader in Early Childhood Education in SW Florida. Teaching young children how to read has been one of the primary goals of GCS from the beginning. Children as young as 3 and 4 years of age can learn how to read, and we’re not talking about memorization recitation, we’re talking REAL reading!

Over the years Grace Community School has used various phonic method materials in order to achieve the task of creating literate preschoolers. Recently, however, they have taken their 30+ years of experience and have developed their very own reading books, and reading system for teaching preschool children how to read.

The majority of phonetic reading systems do not ensure that each student has mastered each essential element prior to moving on. This creates semi-literate students who will struggle later on down the road by not having mastered the basics. The GCS Reading System has solved this problem, creating students fluent in the basics who will be able to build on the firm foundation basic mastery.

The GCS Reading System contains Teacher Reading Booklets, and Reading Test Booklets. Click on one of the link below to see examples of these two types of materials, and to learn more.

Reading Program Price: $100.00 + Shipping

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Rev. Jeremy Walker is the manager of a family-run Christian school in Bonita Springs, Florida, along with his wife, Abby, and ten children. He has lived in Florida his entire life and moved to SWFL Florida to work for Grace Community School in November 1998. He has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Christian Education from Patriot Bible University. Find out more about the Grace Community School Apprenticeship Program at

Flip Book Teacher Materials

The GCS Phonics Flip Books are designed to help the teacher teach their children how to read words using the phonic approach to reading.

These books cover:
1. Letter Recognition
2. Blend Formation and Reading
3. Short Vowel Word Reading

There are a total of 16 GCS Reading Program Flip Books in all covering hundreds of short vowel words. As children master each section of the Flip Books they move on to the next section, each level of learning building on the next.

Once children show mastery of the content in each Flip Book they are then tested with the corresponding GCS Reading Book. There are two GCS Reading Books for each Flip Book. Once the child has shown that they can read the GCS Reading Book without assistance, they get to take that GCS Reading Book home to show their family the progress they have made in reading.

GCS Reading Books

The GCS Reading Books are designed to test each child’s mastery of the learning content found on the GCS Teacher’s Flip Books.

Books test for:
1. Mastery of Letter Recognition and Phonic Sounds
2. Mastery of Blend Formation and Reading
3. Mastery of Short Vowel Word Formation and Reading

These colorful little books can be sent home with each child as they show that they are able to read the content in each book unassisted. These are great to show the child’s family what they have learned and mark their education progress. There are 32 Full Color GCS Reading Books that cover all over the short vowel words that can be made with the various letters of the alphabet.